Undergoing the thrill of finding the precious, the right solution, the right people...
From my childhood I remember the sheer unleashed inquisitivess when I saw somebody with a metal detector. I often thought of standing next to a painter in the fields near Arles in the late 1880's. Would I've recognized van Gogh's talent?The idea that 'the precious' is kind of omnipresent and that it only has to be seen or discovered is, I believe, the thing that never stopped fascinating me. Till the present day this particular drive helpes me professionally to get the best results for my clients. I am constantly occupied with the characteristics of 'the precious' and with the methods and instruments to discover it.

On the shelf

Bureau Janssen basically fills your vacancy, helps you out with recruitment within your organization or helps you explore possibilities in your own career.

Have your vacancy filled, applying the smartest recruitment techniques and 14 years of extensive experience in Talent Acquisition. Find out how you can benefit, explore the added value of Bureau Janssen on many sub processes of recruitment and destil-out some toll-free advice for your organization by clicking here
You want to learn 21st century recruitment yourself or you need extra recruitment capacity? Too busy to give enough attention to your vacancy portfolio and wondering who could help you out? You can hire me as a contractor. We define our goals and off we go! Find out in which ways Bureau Janssen can contribute to your recruitment needs, systems, tools procedures, skills, just click here
People find lawyers for their law suits, brokers for houses, financial planners for houses and estate planning. Why not talk to someone focussed on career and talent to help you plan next steps, help you out of a dip, reflect on opportunities and your ambition. Getting acquianted with Bureau Janssen and signing in is toll-free, find out by clicking here

Open Roles

Click the "vacancies" button in the menu to find out which opportunities are open and apply directly via tapping buttons with your linked-in CV.

  • Applicants are directed towards another Bureau Janssen website to complete the application process.
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Your Career

Let's share ideas about your career and views on what the vast labour market can offer you.

Gain insights in how companies find talent, select people and go through recruitment processes.

Understand about "career logic", success and danger in pursuing your goals and ambitions.

Enhance the quality of your career decision making while having a coffe and sparring together.


Your Vacancy

Knowing how critical it is to work with the right people, you feel you haven't quite met the best candidate. Or you are afraid your network is not going to let you...

You want to talk to somebody with extensive experience and a large frame of reference. In de past 20 years I've met over 12.000 people, interviewing them on career matters.

Talking through your needs, you get guidance on the match you want to make. Also, you will be advised on the quality of applications with referral to the labourmarket in general: Do I talk with the best 10% for this vacancy? Or have I met good but not the best people?

Let's start with defining good and best for your vacancy with a more fundamental approach: what are your (strategic) goals and how would the right hire contribute to these goals?