Interim Corporate Recruitment

Recruitment is volatile by nature. People might surprise you when they give notice and there exists a sudden urge to fill their positions. Retirements, illness, notice, new plans, new (legislative) demands,… All of these things might you to hire temporary recruitment capacity. Many organizations have deliberately chosen for flexibility in their recruitment organizations.

With a proven trackrecord as a corporate recruiter and 14 years of experience in the field of recruiting, you may take advantage of Bureau Janssen’s expertise.

Why opting for an interim recruiter?

  • You want to enhance the quality of recruitment
  • you want the benefits of working with the best people in the market
  • You need a trusted advisor to sit with your hiring managers
  • You are temporarily understaffed with relation to recruitment due to Either more vacancies Or replacing temporarily absent people (maternity leave, illness, …)
  • Your current vacancies are difficult to fill (require more attention, more time, more expertise,…)
  • You want to analyze and solve bottlenecks in recruitment processes
  • You want recruitment projects coordinated
  • You face a reorganization and/or outplacement activities and need somebody to test and interview your employees against new or desired skills
  • Costsavings: you can reduce your agency spend by hiring an interim talent acquisition consultant