BJ QWQ 037


First of all, thankyou for finding the career section of my website. Although all functionalities are working as they should, the menu might be difficult to operate with iOS. This has to do with the 'mouse hoover-over' expansion poperties of the 'Vacancies' button. When you hold your iPad 'portrait' instead of 'landscape', the screen migtht force a black-and-white 'hamburger' menu-selector in the upper right corner, which can be operated as usual. This should solve the problem.

  • You can either access the vacancies via the menu (just hoover over the vacancy-button with your mouse) or via the items shown below.
  • When you hit the application link you will be redirected to another site that brings your application directly to the recruitment system of Bureau Janssen.
  • When a vacancy is shown, it still is open and your application is appreciated.
  • Dutch vacancies are shown in Dutch.
  • When applying, please use the route via the apply button. Although your application via mail will be processed as seriously as via the system, it is far more convenient for Bureau Janssen when you use the system (apply or 'solliciteer' button). We try to keep our mailbox 'CV-free'.

Currently, Bureau Janssen is working on some very challengeing roles which cannot be published. You'll be contacted directly (and possibly surprisingly) by Jan Janssen when your background seems to be fitting with the role.

Your profile is Bachelor - Academic working level, ideally educated likewise. You are ready to make a next career step and want to mirror your thoughts, know about opportunities in the market, expand your network or, alternatively, we know eachother and you'd like to have a coffee together. Just visit the appliation form and submit your details.
Voor de ideale vacature die er nog niet is, orientatie op jouw carrière mogelijkheden, kansen in de arbeidsmarkt en strategieën voor carrière doelen. Naar het inschrijfformulier.